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One Group Estate Services in Europe

The One Group Estate immigration counselors based in Europe, with the management of official lawyers and immigration specialists, and with other branches and offices in different countries, especially our beloved country Iran, is the best option for you to apply for a European residence.


Given that Spain is one of the most unique countries in Europe in terms of geography and beauty. It is the 5th largest country in Europe in terms of size and has a large number of immigrants.

It also has a warm climate. The beautiful beaches of Spain encourage everyone to come to this country. Leaving aside the beauties of this country, we come to the excellent living conditions in this country.

A variety of good amenities, a high level of education and classes with which you can study in any field you like (Spain is one of the best countries for immigration and continuing education), the advanced infrastructure of this country, available Is.

In Spain, the best welfare and health services will be provided to you. The country cares a lot about its retirees, and its people live in almost complete prosperity. That's why Spain is one of the best countries to immigrate to.

Residency in Spain (without investment or through proof of financial means)

The One Group team through its offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Alicante will undertake all services related to residency in Spain with the utmost diligence and professionalism.

Spain is the most popular country to live in Europe for the following reasons.

Requirements for residence in Spain (without investment or through proof of financial means)

  1. At first, it is recommended that you have at least 2 or 3 real estate documents in Iran.
  2. To live in Spain you have to show (in Iran) you have a steady income and you do not have a financial problem to get a residence permit in this country. Ways to show this fixed income is one of the following ways:
  3. Receipt of rent, receipt of bank deposit interest or fixed income from income, pension (for a family of three in Iran, the amount of fixed monthly income in Iran must be at least 50 million Tomans, which must be available in your bank account).
  4. The balance of the bank account (currency or Rial) should be suggested to be at least 100 thousand Euros for 3 to 6 months in the bank account in Iran as a deposit or account balance.

Benefits of Spain Residency (without investment)

  1. Free travel to all European countries without a visa (6 months in Spain required)
  2. Free Spanish language training (by the Spanish government)
  3. Free education of children in Spanish schools immediately after residence in Spain
  4. Get a residence permit for family members at the same time
  5. Use most of the benefits of Spanish citizens
  6. Lack of age limit
  7. Failure to pay taxes or investments
  8. No language certificate required
  9. Ability to become a work and investment residence
  10. Possibility of receiving permanent residence after 5 years
  11. Ability to stay in less than 90 days
  12. The right to life and residence in Spain
  13. No obligation to set up any business, profession or occupation in Spain. The applicant will be able to obtain Spanish residency without the need to invest or transfer capital.
  14. Possibility of starting a business and registering a company in Spain, as well as benefiting from full insurance
  15. Possibility to open a bank account in Europe and receive an international credit card
  16. Ease of obtaining a visa for other countries
  17. Possibility of acquiring Spanish citizenship after 10 years of legal and uninterrupted residence in this country

Necessary documents for obtaining residence in Spain through financial means:

The Process for Obtaining a residence permit for Spain is in most part undertaken by our consultants however it will be necessary for you to prepare documents required to speed up the process before your arrival. The Following is a list of required documents:

  • Identification documents (identity card, national card, etc.) along with their copies
  • Personal photo for applicant and all family members
  • Provide a health certificate
  • Provide a certificate of no criminal record
  • Original passport with copy
  • Bank account certificate
  • Account turnover for the last 6 months
  • Job credentials

In the first step of applying for a residence permit in Spain through financial means, you must receive the required forms of information and a list of documents from our experts.

Residency in Spain (by buying a property or by investing to gain a residence permit).

Under Spanish law, anyone (who does not have the citizenship of another European country) can buy property in one of the provinces or islands of Spain.

The minimum value of the property you need to buy is € 500,000. If you are planning to stay with your family, the property will also be subject to living conditions. These living conditions have certain standards, for example for a family of four people who need at least 2 bedrooms.

As mentioned above, there are several ways to obtain European residency, and depending on your personal circumstances and your goals for immigration and living abroad, you can choose one of these methods and migrate accordingly. For more information, contact the specialists of One Group Estate, sharing your situation with experienced consultants to best evaluate your status and advising the most suitable immigration method and the country you wish for European residence will be offered accordingly. It is worth mentioning that choosing the immigration method and choosing the country of immigration is only the first step in the process leading to Preparing required documents for obtaining a visa and also preparing for immigration and residency requirements in a foreign European Country.

One Group Estate is the company that will guide you through the steps of obtaining European Residency.

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